University of Washington Division of Physical Therapy
1959 NE Pacific Street Seattle WA 98195 United States
Program Description
Graduate students are prepared as physical therapist generalists in a unique interdisciplinary environment. The University of Washington (UW) Department of Rehabilitation Medicine houses 3 allied health training programs (in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and prosthetics/orthotics) which interact throughout the didactic process.

The UW Department of Rehabilitation Medicine has been top-ranked for several years by US News and World Report. The Department, in turn, is a unit of a world-class Medical School and Health Sciences Center. Many academic and clinical resources are available to UW Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree program students that are not accessible at smaller institutions.

The UW DPT program structure consists of 8 quarters of didactic instruction, followed by 3 quarters of clinical internship. Although generalist training is the primary goal, the program is clinically-focused, with the capstone project being a case study/research report. In addition to required coursework supporting a foundation for evidence-based practice, there are elective opportunities for research and community involvement.

The program operates on a year round, full-time schedule, with the average scholastic load at 15 credits per quarter. One to two week breaks occur between each quarter; and from the end of summer to the beginning of fall quarter each year there is a 5 week hiatus. New students begin the program at the end of September and graduate in June three years later with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

The program is located in the Emerald City, beautiful Seattle, Washington, very near abundant opportunities to engage in activities which many physical therapy students enjoy, i.e. hiking, skiing, and water/field/indoor sports. There is also a thriving and diverse arts community (including dance). For complete details, visit the program website (
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Annual Tuition, In-state Student: 31782 31782 23836 87400
Annual Tuition, Out-of-state student: 52073 52073 39055 143200
Annual institutional fees for a full-time student (Includes general institutional fees, i.e., health insurance, recreation, etc.) 1567 1567 1567 4700
Total expected cost of other program- related expenses (Includes: required texts, laboratory fees, and other program costs for the entire technical program.) 667 667 10667 12000
Total Cost of the Program, In-state Student (Includes: tuition, fees, other program costs for the entire program) 34016 34016 36070 104100
Total Cost of the Program, Out-of-state Student (Includes: tuition, fees, other program costs for the entire program) 54307 54307 51289 159900
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