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Loma Linda University Department of Physical Therapy
Department of Physical Therapy School of Allied Health Professions Loma Linda CA 92350 United States
Phone+1 909.558.4632 x83254
CAPTE Accredited
Supplemental Requirements
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Once the applicant's application is electronically sent to Loma Linda University from PTCAS, the applicant will receive an email from University Admissions giving him/her instructions on where and how to complete the secondary application. 

The applicant should adjust her/his email settings to accept emails from If this is not done, the email regarding the secondary application may go to the "Junk" file or not received at all. Once the applicant has received the email from University Admissions inviting them to complete the secondary application, the applicant will have 14 days to complete the secondary application. The applicant is strongly encouraged to monitor his or her PTCAS application for "received transcripts." The application will not be forwarded to Loma Linda University until PTCAS has received all transcripts.

If you are accepted to Loma Linda University's DPT program, then you will need to send in a copy of your health records to our Student Health office.  You can find the required health requirements on our Student Health page,
Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
Is GRE Required?
Your program's GRE codes
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GRE scores must be received by December 1, 2022.
Minimum and average GRE scores
Verbal reasoning scaled score
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Analytical writing scaled score
Reference Requirements
Physical Therapist-1
Evaluator type accepted
Physical Therapist-2
Evaluator type accepted
Professor in Major
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Teaching Assistant
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Pre-PT Advisor
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Health Care Professional
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Family Member
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Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Number of references required by program
Additional information about program's reference requirements
The program finds it most efficient for the applicant to use the PTCAS portal for submitting their letters of recommendation.  
PT Observation Hours
Information about your PT requirements
The Department requires a minimum of 80 PT Observation hours.  Of the 80 hours, 20 must be in an inpatient setting and 20 must be in an outpatient setting.  The remaining 40 hours can be any combination of inpatient or outpatient. These hours may be verified by a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant. 

Inpatient hours would be gained in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or inpatient rehabilitation center (places where the patients are spending the night).
Program's PT hours requirement
PT hours are required - a licensed PT must verify hours w/ signed form uploaded or online via PTCAS
Total number of PT Hours REQUIRED
DEADLINE for completion of all PT hours
GPA Requirements
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative
Program-specific prerequisite
Additional information about program's GPA requirements
If the applicant has repeated a course, the program will use the most current grade in calculating the GPA. Though the program allows for applicants to retake courses, the maximum allowable retakes are one.  For example, if an applicant takes General Chemistry I four times, the program will use the grade from the second attempt in calculating the GPA.  The program will use the listed prerequisites when calculating the GPA. In addition, the program will count two Humanities, one Social Science, and the English Sequence as part of the non-science GPA. 
Background Checks
Background check required prior to matriculation.
Program participates in PTCAS Background Check process through Certiphi Screening.
International Students
Program considers Canadian coursework?
Send WES foreign evaluation for Canadian courses to institution
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) coursework
Send WES foreign transcript evaluation to PTCAS (recommended)
Additional information for the foreign transcripts
Send foreign transcript and evaluation directly to Loma Linda University
Are non-native English Speakers required to submit TOEFL scores?
Citizenship requirements
Citizenship types eligible for admission U.S. citizens
U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, Canadian citizens, Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa, Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens
Additional information about program's policy on foreign coursework
Applicants with foreign coursework will need to have official transcripts sent directly to Loma Linda University. In addition, the applicant will need to have an international evaluation service send an evaluation of their transcripts to Loma Linda University. Even if PTCAS verifies the application, the applicant will still need to have official transcripts and foreign evaluations sent directly to Loma Linda University prior to their application being processed. LLU will accept foreign transcript evaluations from the following agencies: * World Education Services, Inc * Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc * AACRAO Foreign Education Credential Services * American Education Research Corporation