North Central College (for start date Jan 2024)
30 North Brainard Street Naperville IL 60540 United States
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Per CAPTE: This program has been granted Candidate for Accreditation status by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE - 3030 Potomac Avenue, Suite 100, Alexandria, VA, 22314; phone: 703-706-3245; email: Candidate for Accreditation is a pre-accreditation status of affiliation with the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education that indicates the program is progressing toward accreditation and may matriculate students in professional courses. Candidate for Accreditation is not an accreditation status nor does it assure eventual accreditation.

Program Description

The North Central College Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is a face-to-face, innovative program that will educate future physical therapists to be prepared for the complex and ever-changing needs of health care. 

Why Choose North Central? 

  • January start, 28-month program: Use that Fall semester to finish courses, work, travel and still graduate in May!
  • Built on two strong educational foundations: Liberal Arts and Movement Science.
  • Semi-Self-Paced and Personalized Approach to Learning: We do not all learn the same or have the same goals so why not be flexible!
  • Competency-Focused, Pass/No Pass: The focus is mastery of knowledge and skill acquisition to be an excellent clinician, educator, scholar, and leader, not grades!
  • Centered on Technology: Technology is an important part of healthcare practice; we embrace it!
  • Founded in 1861, North Central College is a nationally recognized institution of about 3000 students, located in Naperville, IL, a thriving suburb just west of Chicago. North Central College is within walking distance of the Naperville Metra station and is next to downtown Naperville.

The Student

The program seeks to enroll students who embody the mission, vision, values, and commitment of the Program. We believe these students are individuals who: 

  • Desire to serve society as an excellent physical therapist in the health care environment.
  • Embrace the idea of a liberal arts foundation as part of a DPT education to enhance their ability to serve society regardless of the physical therapy environment they plan to pursue employment in the future.
  • Welcome all types of diversity as an important aspect of becoming an excellent physical therapist.
  • Accept the value of technology as part of education and future health care practice.
  • Align with the mission of North Central College: We are a diverse community of learners dedicated to preparing students to be curious, engaged, ethical, and purposeful citizens and leaders in local, national and global contexts.

Program Mission, Vision, Values, and Commitment

The North Central College DPT Program Mission, Vision, Values, and Commitment embody both North Central College and the profession of physical therapy. 

  • Mission: To support learners on their journey to becoming excellent clinicians, educators, scholars, and leaders dedicated to serving society as movement system experts.
  • Vision: To impact the lived experiences of others through movement.
  • Values: Integrity, Excellence, and Balance
  • Commitment: Success of Every Learner


The highly integrated curriculum is built on two primary foundations - the liberal arts and movement science.  The liberal arts foundation informs who we are as people, providing us insight into self-reflection, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and appreciation of the lived experiences of others.  The movement science foundation informs our understanding of PT practice, providing us with the necessary knowledge in anatomy, kinesiology, neuroscience, physiology, imaging, nutrition, and biomechanics to evaluate and treat our patients/clients.  Together the liberal arts and movement sciences provide the foundation needed to be excellent movement system experts prepared to serve society. 

36 weeks of full-time clinical education are broken into 4 experiences integrated throughout the 28 months of the program. 

Holistic Admissions

The North Central College Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is committed to the enrollment of a diverse body of students who align with our program mission, vision, values, and commitment. In addition to wanting our future students to align with our mission, vision, values, and commitment, we also want a diverse class in every sense of the word: race/ethnicity, age, gender, and gender identity, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, disability, socioeconomic status and background, worldview, and/or lived experience.

Utilizing a holistic review admission process, applicants are assessed on lived experiences, participation in activities outside the classroom, letters of recommendation, and the ability to demonstrate alignment with our mission, vision, values, and commitment, in addition to prior demonstrated academic accomplishments. We are committed to the advancement of all aspects of the physical therapy profession, and that begins with how we bring students into the classroom. 

Program offers a guaranteed freshman admission pathway?
Dual Degrees
Will the professional (entry-level) PT program offer a satellite or branch campus to applicants during the upcoming admissions cycle?
Institution's Religious Affiliation
United Methodist
Admission Interviews
Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process?
Additional information about interviews

The program does not require formal interviews. However, we want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us! 

While not a formal interview, we do require students to engage with the program and faculty through at least one of these options during the application process: 

Is a Deposit Required for Accepted Applicants?
Total cumulative deposit
Additional Information about Deposit
Deposit is due within 2 weeks of receiving an offer of acceptance or by January 15, 2023, whichever is later. Accepted students have the option to pay the deposit in two parts, the first being $500, the second being $250. If choosing this option, the $500 first deposit will be due within the same timeframe as previously noted.

Deposit is applied to tuition at the time of matriculation. 
Deposit Refundable?
Deposits collected on a rolling basis after offer of admission made?
Incoming Class Profile
Anticipated Size of the Next Entering Class
Size of Most Recent Entering Class
% of students from IN-STATE
% of students from OUT-OF-STATE
% Male
% Female 
% Hispanic 
% Asian
% African-American/Black (Non-Hispanic)
% White (Not of Hispanic Origin) 
% Two or More Races 
% Declining to State