Winston-Salem State University Department of Physical Therapy
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CAPTE Accredited
Supplemental Requirements
Supplemental FEE required?
Supplemental fee amount
Supplemental APPLICATION required?
Supplemental MATERIALS required?
Description of supplemental materials required
Within 24 hours of receipt of your PTCAS application, the Graduate Admissions office will send the applicant a link to the electronic payment system. The $50 fee will be submitted through this electronic system. Complete review of your application will not occur until the fee has been submitted.
Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
Is GRE Required?
Your program's GRE codes
Program's PTCAS GRE code
Additional information about program's GRE requirements
MUST have Composite (Verbal and Quantitative) greater than or equal to 290, with subcomponents as noted (145 on each component or higher). 

Send official GRE scores to only WSSU's PTCAS GRE code #7635. DO NOT send the GRE directly to the university.

Applicants who meet the minimum GRE and GPA requirements will be required to purchase and complete the CASPer online assessment, a situational judgment test that assesses non-academic attributes (your people skills). If you meet the GRE and GPA requirements, please register to complete the assessment by using the link below: 

You may take the CASPer assessment prior to completing the application. You are responsible for paying all assessment fees directly to Altus Assessments, who administers the CASPer, which includes a $40.00 base fee, and an additional fee of $12.00 per each program to which you transmit your results. The CASPer consists of 12 sections and takes between 60-90 minutes to complete, and you can take the CASPer from virtually anywhere you have internet access. You can learn more about CASPer by visiting their website.  
Minimum and average GRE scores
Verbal reasoning scaled score
Quantitative reasoning scaled score
Analytical writing scaled score
Reference Requirements
Physical Therapist-1
Applicant must send a reference from one or more evaluators in this category
Physical Therapist-2
Evaluator type accepted
Professor in Major
Evaluator type accepted
Applicant must send one reference from this specific type of evaluator
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Teaching Assistant
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Pre-PT Advisor
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Health Care Professional
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Family Member
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Number of references required by program
Additional information about program's reference requirements
One letter must come from a professor, preferably in your major, one letter must come from a physical therapist, and the third from another PT, professor, PTA, supervisor/employer, health care professional, or teaching assistant, etc.

COVID-19 Changes to Letters of Recommendation: While we encourage receipt of a letter of recommendation from a physical therapist, we recognize the difficulty this may present for many because of the current pandemic. If you are unable to receive an endorsement from a physical therapist, we will accept a second letter of recommendation from another professor within or outside of your major.
PT Observation Hours
Information about your PT requirements
All observation hours must be verified before deadline of January 17, 2022 to be considered.

At least two different settings and 50 hours are required. Higher consideration will be given to applicants with more observation hours and who have observed in a variety of different settings. Some examples of different settings include outpatient, inpatient at a hospital, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing.

COVID-19 Changes to Observation hour Requirements: while we do encourage observation hours from a variety of clinical settings, we recognize the challenge this may pose to many applicants due to COVID 19. Please report all observation hours and settings as completed, however, we will accept applications with no observation hours.
Program's PT hours requirement
PT hours are required - a licensed PT must verify hours w/ signed form uploaded or online via PTCAS
Total number of PT Hours REQUIRED
Total number of PT Hours RECOMMENDED
GPA Requirements
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative
Program-specific prerequisite
Additional information about program's GPA requirements
* 10/12 prerequisites MUST be completed by the application deadline.  

* Must have 11/12 pre-requisite courses completed by May 2022, with all pre-requisite courses completed by August, 2022. 

* All pre-requisite courses MUST be earned as a C or better to be accepted toward admission.

* A pre-requisite course completed after acceptance must be at or above the B level, or the acceptance will be rescinded.

* Grades from repeated courses are averaged with the previous grade - thus both the original and repeat MUST be put into the prerequisite course listings.

* Any grade of a C- or below is not accepted as a prerequisite and must be repeated.
Background Checks
Background check required prior to matriculation.
Program participates in PTCAS Background Check process through Certiphi Screening.
International Students
Program considers Canadian coursework?
Send original Canadian transcript to PTCAS (recommended)
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) coursework
Send WES foreign transcript evaluation to PTCAS (recommended)
Are non-native English Speakers required to submit TOEFL scores?
Citizenship requirements
Citizenship types eligible for admission U.S. citizens
U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, Canadian citizens, Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa
Additional information about program's policy on foreign coursework
Canadian coursework is not included in PTCAS GPAs. The transcript will be evaluated separately.