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Western University of Health Sciences - California Department of Physical Therapy Education
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Program Description

* The curriculum for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program will prepare the graduate to be a physical therapist generalist. The DPT program is three years in length, and the curriculum consists of nine semesters, each having a particular emphasis. Didactic education, with embedded clinical experiences including in class opportunities with classmates, standardized patients, and "real" patients/clients, and clinical education experiences in a wide variety of clinical settings during year one, two, and three.

* Year I consists of an 18-week fall semester, a 19-week spring semester that includes a two-week clinical experience, and a nine-week summer semester. 

* Year II consists of 18-week fall & spring semesters followed by a 12-week summer semester clinical experience. 

* Year III consists of 18-week fall semester, two 12-week clinical experiences spring & summer semesters. Following the clinical experiences students return to campus for four-weeks of electives, capstone presentation and licensure exam preparation. 

* All Western University students are required to participate in interprofessional curriculum courses (IPE). IPE provides a forum for students to collaborate and learn from students in eight other health-care programs. The mission of IPE is to produce humanistic healthcare professionals who provide and promote collaborative patient-centered care and coordinated health care management. 

* DPT students will complete their education in August, but will participate in the University-wide commencement two months prior in May. State licensure examinations can be taken following successful completion of the program. The faculty includes scholars, researchers, administrators and clinicians from the professions of physical therapy, psychology, education, osteopathy, medicine and the basic sciences. All faculty are committed to the preparation of the Doctor of Physical Therapy professional who will be generalists, well versed in all aspects of physical therapy and dedicated to their profession and to the patients they serve.

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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Oregon

Consider WesternU Oregon. We offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program that prepares you to be an integral member of an interprofessional healthcare team.

At WesternU Oregon you will study basic sciences, complete specialized courses, and engage in the clinical experiences you need to pass your licensure exam and become practice-ready. When you graduate you will be prepared to take on the increasing role that physical therapists currently play in the healthcare system.

Admission Interviews
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Interviews are typically held on the Pomona, California campus and attendance is mandatory for consideration. Interview invitations begin going out via email in early-Fall with our first interview day occurring in September. Interviews finish in late Fall with decisions going out by email within three weeks of the interview date.

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Due to our rolling admissions process, we encourage applicants to apply early.  Interviews will begin in September 2021.  Candidates are typically notified of their interview selection two weeks prior to the interview. All interviewed candidates will know their post-interview decision by January 2021.
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