University of Toledo Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
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CAPTE Accredited
Program Description

The University of Toledo Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is fully accredited and spans 36 months of didactic and 36 weeks of full time clinical education. At UToledo, students are afforded the benefit of learning at a cost effective and student-centered campus. In addition to our main research institution campus, UToledo also has a Medical Center which includes a hospital and specialty clinics. This setting provides the student with the environment and resources needed to learn the skills of physical therapy practice, as well as the culture and professionalism of health care. 

UToledo DPT students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of learning settings at the Medical Center including acute care and comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation, and at an inpatient post-acute rehabilitation center on our health science campus. Interprofessional learning experiences include students of other health care disciplines, including occupational therapy, speech language pathology, athletic training, nursing, physician assistant, pharmacy, and medicine. They also have the benefit of working with advanced simulation technologies and clinicians and scientists who are engaged in health-related research and advanced patient care. The University of Toledo's Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center provides students the opportunity to develop their clinical, communication, and interprofessional skills in a realistic environment prior to engaging in clinical education. 

The UToledo DPT program faculty is comprised of professionals who are passionate about physical therapy education, and who are accomplished clinicians and researchers. All faculty members have advanced academic degrees and are licensed physical therapists. Several faculty members are Board Certified Clinical Specialists in their area of expertise, and a number of faculty members engage in clinical practice at the University of Toledo Medical Center. In addition to the core faculty, other health care professionals including physicians, nurses, and psychologists are involved in the students' physical therapy educational experience. 

UToledo DPT students may choose to pursue educational opportunities in addition to their DPT degree. The DPT program, in collaboration with the Exercise Science graduate programs, offers a DPT/PhD track that enables students to pursue clinical (DPT) and academic (PhD) doctoral degrees in which DPT academic credit can contribute, in part, to the fulfillment of the PhD degree. The PhD degree is in Exercise Science and has an emphasis on research. Students can also choose to pursue a graduate certificate in gerontological practice while earning their DPT degree. Graduate certificate course work is completed through an online delivery system.

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Our interview process is an invitation only and is an opportunity for students to meet faculty, clinicians, and students.
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The non-refundable deposit will be used toward summer tuition during the first year of the program.  
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The Program gives preference to applicants who have completed at least half of their coursework or who will earn their undergraduate degree from the University of Toledo.
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Program housed at a Minority-Serving Institution No