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"This page is intended for college graduates ONLY. High school students MUST contact the institution directly for information about the guaranteed freshman-entry program. Do not apply using PTCAS."

Program Description

DPT students at the University of the Sciences find unique opportunities to learn in many different environments, not just the classroom.  Our program values early and often exposure to the clinic and to patients enabling our students to immediately apply classroom knowledge.  USciences' DPT program achieves this through our pro-bono clinics, integrated clinical experiences, and full-time clinical education.  The DPT program at USciences is about more than a degree - it's about experiences that prepare you for a fulfilling career in physical therapy. 

We take pride in our pro-bono clinics that serve those in the Philadelphia community who may not have insurance, or who have maxed out on their insurance, but are still in need of physical therapy services.  Students work in a variety of pro-bono clinics in the fall of their first year under the supervision of licensed physical therapists, and continue to provide service throughout their program.  We utilize a peer mentor system in our clinics, with students serving as mentors to those who are earlier in their education, creating a collaborative environment for clinical learning. 

Early exposure to patient care also occurs in our integrated clinical experiences, or ICEs.  Throughout the program, patient participants are either brought into the classroom for hands-on learning, or students may leave campus to experience patient care in a variety of settings in Philadelphia.

USciences' DPT students gain experience in the second and third years of their program through mentored clinical teaching in our clinical education program.  These are full-time clinicals under the supervision of licensed physical therapists in which students learn and apply their skills and decision making.  Our program has over 350 practice sites for full-time clinical education in a variety of settings such as: 

-   Outpatient orthopedic clinics
-   Outpatient sports medicine clinics
-   Outpatient pediatric clinics
-   Acute care and Long Term Acute Care hospitals
-   Rehabilitation facilities
-   Pediatric hospitals and rehabilitation centers
-   Home care

Participation in the clinic, whether it be through ICEs, in a pro-bono clinic, or in full-time clinical education, helps bolster self-confidence, manual skills, and clinical decision-making in a real-world environment. 

Talented and accomplished faculty are essential to our program's success.  A variety of areas of expertise are represented by our faculty such as:

-   Sports medicine
-   Pediatrics
-   Neurologic rehabilitation
-   Cardiovascular and Pulmonary rehabilitation
-   Vestibular rehabilitation
-   Research principles and practice
-   Geriatrics
-   Medical ethics

Moreover, our faculty is actively engaged in generating new ideas and treatment solutions to advance the profession of physical therapy.  They bring this expertise into the classroom and partner with students on research projects to help build the next generation of physical therapy professionals. 

Our outcomes are strong.  100% of students have one or more job offers 6 months after successfully passing the national licensing exam. 

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Group interviews are conducted from September through March. Those interviewed will have the opportunity to tour campus and interact with current PT students.

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