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The UTMB Entry Level Doctor of Physical Therapy program is a graduate professional curriculum for students who have completed an undergraduate degree and required prerequisites. The Entry Level DPT is a full-time curriculum that prepares students to enter the profession of physical therapy. The curriculum is designed to build from basic science courses to clinical sciences with an emphasis in problem solving activities that instill critical thinking for clinical decision making. UTMB students also participate in patient simulation labs, standardized patient experiences, and neurologic and orthopedic clinics during didactic semesters to prepare them for three clinical internships. Clinical internships begin after the first year of the PT curriculum and are available in Texas and across the US. UTMB's global health initiative offers our students opportunities to expand their knowledge through mission trips, coursework and clinical education in state, national and international settings. 

As of November 2020, UTMB offers two entry level DPT program tracks: the residential program and the hybrid program. The Residential Entry Level DPT is a 9 semester full time curriculum that requires onsite face to face classes throughout the semester, so students live in and around the Galveston area. This is our traditional track that has been established for some time. The Hybrid Entry Level DPT is an 8-semester full-time curriculum that offers a blend on online, virtual, and onsite coursework. The curriculum is designed to build from basic science courses to clinical sciences with an emphasis in problem solving activities that instill critical thinking for clinical decision making. The students will access content virtually from anywhere with internet access. There will also be scheduled virtual classes throughout the week. Each semester, students will travel to campus 1-2 times for 10-14 days at a time to complete hands on labs and testing. The curriculum will follow the residential program closely and provide the same opportunities for internships. We are excited to offer two program tracks! When you apply, you will be asked if you are interested in consideration for our residential program only, our hybrid program only, or either program.  

The Physical Therapy program at UTMB is the oldest Physical Therapy program in Texas and is located on the UTMB Health campus, which allows students access to outstanding faculty and resources from the Health Professions, Nursing and Medical Schools. Students also have access to inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services on Galveston Island as well as the mainland. Additional teaching resources include facilities and clinical experts in the nearby affiliated Texas Medical Center located in Houston. 

The faculty in the DPT program has expertise that covers the vast specialty areas of the physical therapy profession including neurological, orthopedic, pediatric, geriatric and cardiopulmonary. Along with the expertise in these areas, we have faculty with APTA Specialization Certification in Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Orthopedics and Neurology. The faculty members are committed to providing traditional and nontraditional learning experiences that are integrated around recurring themes related to the multiple roles of the physical therapist in patient care, health promotion, research, management, education, and community service.

Typically, UTMB DPT graduates have a 100% licensure exam pass rate and 100% employment rate. Many of our students have continued their education by completing clinical residencies and specialty certifications.

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Dual-degree programs offered in conjunction with the PT degree
We do not have a dual degree program, but there is a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences should the student choose to pursue separately.
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There is a live interview day that consists of an interview with core and/or associated faculty, a student-led focus group, and a campus tour. Options for an onsite or virtual interview day is possible, depending on COVID restrictions.

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This deposit is required to finalize acceptance. Note that this deposit does go towards first semester tuition and fees.
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Our program is very diverse, comprising of typically anywhere from 20-30% of students from minority backgrounds. We typically have about a 60% to 40% female to male ratio. We offer two program tracks, the residential and hybrid tracks, with 40 students being accepted into residential and 40 being accepted into hybrid. You will denote your preference of residential, hybrid, or both and if selected to interview, we would interview you for your program choices. Acceptances into each program will be dependent on class availability. 
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