Texas Woman's University PT Expansion Program at Houston, TX
School of Physical Therapy PO Box 425766 Denton TX 76204-5766 United States
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The Entry Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Texas Woman's University's is consistently ranked among the top graduate programs in the United States. We are a co-ed public university. The Entry DPT is offered on both the Dallas, TX and Houston, TX locations. Our program has a one time start in the fall (late August) on both campuses every year. 

We accept approximately 54 students to each campus. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in their overall, last 60 hours and prerequisite GPA's. Prerequisite courses do not need to be completed to apply; however it is preferred to have less than 3 outstanding at the time of application. All prerequisites must be completed prior to our program starting in August 2023. Competitive GRE scores are required.  Ideally, applicants will have a minimum of 80 (40 in two different facilities) observation/volunteer/ or work hours in the physical therapy field.  But we are aware due to covid restrictions it is difficult to find inpatient hours so 20 hours of inpatient experience would be great. We recommend you apply with the observation hours you have completed and continue to build hours through the spring and summer of next year.  Updates can be emailed to PT@twu.edu after you submit your application.

 An offer of admission to the program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School (supplemental application, transcripts and GRE scores to TWU and $50 fee). 

TWU is one of six universities in the US to offer the PhD in physical therapy (beyond the DPT) for those interested in teaching or conducting research. We also offer a fast track option to our enrolled students from the DPT to the PhD.

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By application, TWU does offer a fast track option from the Entry DPT to the PhD program for enrolled TWU Entry DPT students.
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The DPT program is offered on the Dallas and Houston campus with each campus accepting 54 students.  Each campus has their own set of faculty.

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