Tennessee State University Physical Therapy Department
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Program Description

Dear Prospective Student, 

Thank you for interest in our Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Tennessee State University. 

Our program's mission is to graduate competent entry-level physical therapists who demonstrate cultural competence, apply research evidence to practice, uphold the code of ethics, value lifelong learning, and engage in socially responsible community leadership. 

Our program has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) since 2005. We have been graduating doctorally prepared physical therapists since 2009. 

We have an excellent program with well qualified faculty members who offer a wealth of academic and clinical experience. I invite you to visit our website at http://www.tnstate.edu/pt to learn more about our university, our program, the faculty, and the application/admission process. 

We have attempted to make our application process and admission requirements explicitly clear. We expect you to read each section of this application closely and carefully before submitting your application information. 

Our application process and admission requirements are very clear on the PTCAS webpage and on our website. Please read all information carefully before submitting questions. 

If after reading the PTCAS and website information, you still have a question, PLEASE feel comfortable contacting us and we will do all we can to help you. We pride ourselves in the customer service and individual attention we give applicants. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please call our main office and speak with our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Dorothy Fisher. 

Dorothy Fisher

Program offers a guaranteed freshman admission pathway?
Dual Degrees
Will the professional (entry-level) PT program offer a satellite or branch campus to applicants during the upcoming admissions cycle?
Admission Interviews
Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process?
Additional information about interviews
Applications must be complete to be considered for an interview: - may apply with 4 or less prerequisites remaining - GRE scores - up to date transcripts in PTCAS - references - observation hours
Is a Deposit Required for Accepted Applicants?
Total cumulative deposit
Additional Information about Deposit
Once you have been accepted and choose to attend our program, we will give you a two week notice to secure your space by paying a deposit. Information about the deposit will be sent with your acceptance email. 
Deposit Refundable?
Additional Information about Refunds
Your deposit is Non-refundable. Your deposit will be credited toward your tuition if you enroll and register for classes. If you do not enroll, you will forfeit your deposit. 
Deposits collected on a rolling basis after offer of admission made?
Total Cost of Education for In-State Students
Total Cost of Education for out of State Students
Incoming Class Profile
Anticipated Size of the Next Entering Class
Size of Most Recent Entering Class
% of students from IN-STATE
% of students from OUT-OF-STATE
% Male
% Female 
% Hispanic 
% Asian
% African-American/Black (Non-Hispanic)
% White (Not of Hispanic Origin) 
Additional information about the class profile
Tennessee State University offers tuition discounts through the 250-mile radius program (link: http://www.tnstate.edu/bursar/radius.aspx). 

Additionally, qualifying students who have been accepted into the program may be eligible once accepted into the PT program.  POTUS (Preparing Our Tomorrows Uniquely in STEM) Fellows  program (link: http://www.tnstate.edu/potus/).

All applicants will be ranked based on pre-req GPA and GRE score in order to determine who will be invited for the interview and onsite essay. 

Acceptance into the program will be based on an an objective ranking system that includes the pre-req GPA, GRE score, interview score, onsite essay score, and recommendations.
Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) Status
Program housed at a Minority-Serving Institution Yes
Minority-Serving Institution
Historically Black College or University (HBCU)
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