Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Newark/North Campus) Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program - Newark Campus Stanley S Bergen Bldg, Room 720 Newark NJ 07107 United States

Rutgers University is pleased to announce the consolidation of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program campuses (Blackwood and Newark), to the Newark campus, effective with the class entering our DPT program in 2022.  Applicants are invited to submit their application to the Rutgers University DPT program located in Newark, NJ.  The Newark campus features a newly constructed laboratory, lecture halls, and classroom space, to accommodate the consolidation of the campuses. 

The DPT program is excited to announce a new curricular design that reflects cutting edge physical therapy practice.  The new curriculum exceeds the required number of clinical experience weeks but has decreased in overall length to 2.5 years allowing students the opportunity to begin their career as physical therapists earlier.  

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey is committed to complying with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Program Description

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, has programs on six main academic campuses. Rutgers provides comprehensive health services through Rutgers Health, its core teaching hospitals, and its affiliation with health care facilities throughout the state. Our Doctor of Physical Therapy Program,  is housed in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science of the School of Health Professions, on the Health Sciences Campus, in the division of Biomedical and Health Sciences of Rutgers University, in Newark, .  In addition to Physical Therapy, our department is home to a Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program, and a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology Program.

Our DPT program uses a holistic admissions process that includes the review of both academic and non-academic elements to evaluate and compare the strengths of all applicants. Academic elements include college course grades, and the non-academic elements are gleaned from the application and should demonstrate your commitment to humanistic principles that are the core values of the Physical Therapy profession such as, Integrity, excellence, altruism and collaboration and the foundation of the University  providing outstanding education, scholarship, and service.

Our DPT program specializes in doctoral-level education for individuals wishing to become physical therapists. The Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science has a rich tradition of over four decades of academic excellence in education, research, patient care and community service. Our Program is a full-time, 110 credit program. The program will launch its state of the art new curricular design, Fall 2023.  This new curriculum while shorter in length, Two and one half years,  continues to provide the same outstanding quality of education that Rutgers University is known for. Students in our entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program receive a state-of-the-art education that prepares them to be in the forefront of the physical therapy profession. 

A dual degree DPT-PhD is offered as a collaborative effort between the DPT Program and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) PhD Programs. It allows for accelerated standing in the full-time PhD Program through equivalence recognition of coursework completed in the DPT Program. The purpose of this dual degree program is to prepare clinician-scientists who will pursue research-oriented careers in academia, industry, or clinical-research facilities. Students apply to the DPT program and once in the program can apply to the PhD program at the end of their first year in the DPT program. The PhD program begins following the completion of the DPT program. Applicants admitted to the dual degree program will receive assistance with tuition and a stipend once they begin the PhD program.  

Our physical therapy faculty possess outstanding qualifications and attributes that, coupled with an exceptional curriculum, account for the excellence of these programs, and the success of our graduates. Our entire faculty has research or clinical doctorates and many are clinical specialists. Members of our faculty have served at the state, national and international level in numerous capacities: as state delegates, committee chairs, district officers, State Board President, national officers, and in many other professional roles. All of our faculty members are involved in research, either in our labs, or other labs in the area. Our program facilities include a premiere health-sciences library, three fully equipped research labs that are directed by physical therapy faculty and engaged in research related to physical therapy practice, as well as a state-of-the-art gait lab.  The program has fully interactive modern classroom and lab facilities.

The Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science serves the community through its faculty practice which provides occupational and physical therapy to the school children in Newark. The mission of the faculty practice is to provide the highest quality physical and occupational therapy services to students with special needs to achieve maximum function and participation in educational environments, and to improve each client's quality of life with an ultimate goal of community integration. 

Our Community Participatory Physical Therapy Clinic is student run and provides pro bono services to the University and Newark communities. Our Department also participates in the University's association with Special Olympics and many other community service activities. 

Rutgers is located in University Heights near other universities and is close to the Newark Museum, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the Prudential Center, with easy access to New York City.

*The Rutgers DPT Program strives to recruit a qualified student population that reflects the diversity in our region and society. We are committed to an open and inclusive environment that is welcoming to underrepresented minority groups with the overarching goal of contributing to a Physical Therapy workforce built on the strengths of our diversity.

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We will have 2-3 interview sessions that begin in October/November. IF you are selected for an interview, an invitation will be emailed to you. Interviews are required for our program, and if you choose not to attend the interview session, your application will no longer be considered for our entering class.

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