Northern Arizona University Program in Physical Therapy
PO Box 15105 208 E. Pine Knoll Dr Building 66 Room 102 Flagstaff AZ 86011 United States
Program Description

Northern Arizona University (NAU) with an enrollment of 30,736 students is one of three state universities and offers the DPT Program in both Flagstaff and Phoenix. The Flagstaff campus is situated in a rural mountain community, known for its quality of life, superb beauty and variety of outdoor activities. The Phoenix campus is situated in an urban environment, known for its cultural opportunities and proximity to a variety of sporting and outdoor activities. NAU graduated its first class of physical therapy students in 1981. Those graduates received a Bachelor of Science degree. In 1988, NAU moved to a Master of Science degree. Because the physical therapy faculty fully embraced the movement to doctoral education as the entry-level degree for the profession, NAU transitioned to the doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree in 2000. 

With a curriculum centered upon the four principle practice patterns of the Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, Cardiopulmonary, and Integumentary systems and with a faculty that is nationally and internationally recognized for their individual expertise, students are mentored to be life-long learners, critical thinkers, and clinically competent practitioners who function autonomously within a complex health care system. 

The Physical Therapy Program at NAU embraces the primary mission of preparing exemplary and professionally engaged Doctors of Physical Therapy through innovative, collaborative, and experiential instruction provided by nationally recognized faculty scholars and leaders across a successful two-campus model. Students gain clinical practice competencies via teaching and mentoring opportunities with the core faculty, clinical adjunct faculty, and clinical educators.

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NAU offers its physical therapy program on both the Flagstaff Mountain Campus and the Phoenix Bioscience Core. 

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Interviews will be held virtually for both campuses. Interview invitations are generally sent out in November.

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