New York University Department of Physical Therapy
Department of Physical Therapy Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development 380 Second Avenue, 4th Floor New York NY 10010 United States
Program Description

The course of study for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program begins in the summer semester and continues on a full-time basis for three years, including three summers of supervised clinical practice. This innovative entry-level program encompasses the study of normal and abnormal structure and function and the theory and practice of physical therapy. Students obtain clinical experience in a variety of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools for children with physically disabling conditions, nursing homes, private practices, and public health agencies. The student is awarded a professional doctoral degree upon completion of the program, is eligible to sit for licensure, and is prepared to practice in a clinical setting. The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program aims to develop competent, autonomous practitioners with the expertise and skills to: 

- Perform examination of patients/clients across the life span for impairments, functional 
limitations, and disabilities and for prevention, wellness, fitness, and health promotion needs. 

- Provide interventions across the life span for the management of injury, impairments, functional 
limitations, and disabilities; 

- Maintain and promote fitness, wellness, health, and quality of life; 

- Ensure availability, accessibility, and excellence in the delivery of physical therapy services to 
patients/clients across the life span; 

- Serve as an educator, screener, administrator, consultant, delegator, and manager; 

- Assume leadership roles in prevention and health maintenance programs and rehabilitation services;

- Utilize research to support practice;

- Impart information to colleagues; 

- Assist in the development of and advocate for health policy standards tied to physical therapy 
practice; and 

- Establish a plan for professional development and lifelong learning.

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