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The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at the MGH Institute of Health Professions (MGH IHP) program consists of a three and one-half year, post-baccalaureate curriculum comprised of two and one-half years of academic and clinical experiences followed by a year-long, full-time, paid clinical internship for the majority of the students. This program is open to individuals who hold a bachelor's degree in any field and have completed the prerequisite credits required for admission. Our students have a variety of educational, occupational and geographic backgrounds, many pursuing second careers. This diversity provides a stimulating educational experience, and enriches the collaborative interactions between classmates and faculty.

The Physical Therapy Program at the Institute offers a unique integrated case-based curriculum focused on self-directed and team-based learning. Through this format, we embrace the view that students should be prepared to engage in an active, collaborative learning process that mirrors how physical therapists manage their own professional development. The curricular format prepares graduates to be proactive and responsive to the present and future needs of health care, including the incorporation of modern technology and innovation into education and practice. Our graduates are life-long, collaborative learners who are able to function effectively in inter-professional teams as well as use scientific and analytic approaches to clinical decision-making to achieve optimal patient-centered care through evidenced-based practice.

This program is for students interested in attaining the entry-level DPT degree, and is not suitable for foreign trained physical therapists looking for an advanced degree.
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MGH Institute of Health Professions hosts an Open-House for qualified applicants.

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