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Program Description

Nestled along the Hudson River in Dobbs Ferry, NY, Mercy College prepares future physical therapists to transform society through movement. Our Doctor of Physical Therapy program is student-centered integrating interprofessional learning experiences in our state of the art labs. Grounded in our mission of transformational education, the program celebrates diversity and a culture of inclusion, our education across the lifespan makes us unique in our approach. Through our clinically based faculty, partnerships with nationally renowned facilities and unique clinical experiences, Mercy College's DPT students change people's lives. The 40 month 96-credit full-time program is offered in a Friday to Sunday format, which allows students to work part-time while having the ability to do research, attend open labs and additional experiential learning opportunities during the week. The clinical phase is composed of 32 weeks of full-time rotations available at over 200 facilities. These rotations prepare students to work with a diverse population in multiple settings and allows a student to specialize in an area during their last affiliation. 

The Mercy College DPT Program prepares graduates for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) and to practice as entry-level practitioners capable of providing administration, advocacy, consultation, education and research in the physical therapy profession. The curriculum is based on a developmental, life span model that considers the unique needs of each individual preparing students to develop an optimal therapeutic alliance with their patients/clients to improve the human experience. Self-directed learning in incorporated throughout the program which instills lifelong learning and advancement through specialization after graduation. Mercy College is dedicated to the promotion of high standards of physical therapy practice, education, inter-professional collaboration and research in accordance with guidelines established by the American Physical Therapy Association.

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Students who have taken a minimum of 30 credits at Mercy College and meet all admissions requirements are guaranteed an interview.