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Program Description

The program runs 6 semesters with 3 summer semesters consecutively, or 36 months with the first term of the program beginning with the summer semester. The graduate completes a minimum of 119 credit hours. The first year focuses largely on the foundational sciences of human anatomy, physiology of disease, and biomechanics/kinesiology. Course work in patient care is also introduced during the first year. During the last five weeks of the fourth semester students participate in a five-week clinical experience. An increased emphasis on clinical sciences occurs during the second year. During the last half of the seventh semester, part of the eighth and ninth semesters the student participates in the four full time clinical experiences, each 7 or 8 weeks in length, and applied research and elective courses. Students must complete a Clinical Case Research Project prior to graduation from the program. 


The students have a total of 34 weeks of full-time clinical experiences. The first full-time clinical experience is a 5-week clinical experience that occurs at the end of the fourth semester during the second summer term. The remaining 29 weeks of full-time clinical experiences consist of four clinical experiences of 7 or 8 weeks each. The first two clinical experiences run consecutively beginning after the completion of 6 weeks of classes during the seventh semester. The final two clinical internships occur during the final semester of the program. Every student is required to have a clinical experience in an orthopedic setting, a neurological setting, an inpatient setting, and an outpatient setting. The program has contracts with more than 150 different clinical settings.


There are 8 full-time and 2 part-time core faculty members. Of the full-time core faculty, 100% hold post-professional doctoral degrees. Over the past 3 years, the faculty has averaged 1:5.5 publications in peer-reviewed journals. The faculty to student ratio is 1:12. 

There are approximately 2,500 undergraduate students and 1,500 graduate students enrolled at Governors State University. The Department of Physical Therapy admits new students into the Program during the Summer Semester. The Program has a maximum capacity of 36 students per class.

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