Georgia State University Department of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Department P.O. Box 4019 Atlanta GA 30302 United States
Program Description
We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce to you some of what makes Georgia State University’s Department of Physical Therapy such an exciting and progressive place. As the first public institution in the state of Georgia to receive approval to grant the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, we invite you to consider our curriculum, our students, our faculty, our research, and our location as you investigate various programs of study.

Located in the heart of Atlanta and within the largest urban university in Georgia, we are within blocks of some of the finest healthcare facilities in the country.

Our mission is to prepare doctors of physical therapy who are committed to clinical excellence, professional distinction, and the pursuit of scholarly activities that contribute to the body of scientific and clinical knowledge. A major feature that distinguishes our program is the depth and breadth of our faculty. Known for their foundational and clinical knowledge, the faculty are leaders in their professions. Emeritus faculty, clinical adjunct faculty and part-time instructors enhance our clinical and academic instruction.

The physical therapy faculty are nationally recognized teachers and clinicians, and most are involved in clinical research. Clinical research interests of our faculty focus on topics such as exercise-induced and traumatic muscle injuries and the functional relationship between muscle and bone, wheelchair locomotion and skill trainings, Tai Chi for individuals with disability, diabetes, motor learning and older adults, mobility methods for children with cerebral palsy, virtual reality for enhancing rehabilitation, and fall prevention.

Our faculty collaborate with renowned experts in the metro area as well as around the country. The clinical research projects conducted by our faculty have been funded by the Department of Defense, by the National Institutes of Health, by National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, by Paralyzed Veterans of America, and by American Association of Retired Persons.

We welcome students to our program from diverse backgrounds and locations, majors and interests. We value that diversity. Our students are simply the best.

Exceptional learning opportunities await each student, whether on campus, or at one of our clinical affiliation sites. We have affiliations with over 200 different healthcare facilities, many within the metro Atlanta area, but also, across the country, including Maine, New York, and Wisconsin. Unique opportunities await students as they partner with faculty members and conduct student research projects, contributing to the evidence themselves. Students have the opportunity to present their research at local, state, and national meetings.
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