Gannon University - Erie Physical Therapist Program
109 University Square Attn: Office of Graduate Admissions Erie PA 16541 United States

This page is intended for applicants completing their college degrees or who have graduated. High school students should contact Gannon's Undergraduate Admissions office. Gannon University undergraduate students DO NOT APPLY THROUGH PTCAS.

Program Description

Gannon University Erie campus offers an entry level DPT program after the completion of 33 months of study (including summers). Building on the study of normal structure and function, the curriculum plan uses a theoretical base to build courses and learning experiences which prepare the student for the contemporary practice of physical therapy. Beginning with basic sciences, followed by clinical and physical therapy sciences, systems-based sequencing of the movement systems of musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, pulmonary and integumentary are presented. Elements of the patient/client management model including examination, evaluation, physical therapy differential diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and outcomes are integrated into each of the clinical science courses. Both clinical science and research content are framed within an evidence based practice format, utilizing current scientific research in conjunction with clinical experience for a specific patient/client problem within the physical therapists scope of practice. Concepts between and within each course are cumulative, competency based, and continued enrollment depends upon mastery and use of previous concepts. Practical clinical experiences are integrated into the academic program to allow immediate application of didactic material. The Director of Clinical Education assigns students to clinical sites, based on student needs and learning goals. In addition to sites in the Erie and western Pennsylvania areas, the program offers over 300 clinical experiences at sites throughout the country. This enables the student to have the opportunity to practice with a culturally diverse client population and learn various physical therapy approaches from experienced clinicians.


The mission of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Gannon University facilitates holistic patient/client-centered management related to movement, function and health. We prepare our graduates to be knowledgeable, service-oriented, reflective practitioners. Our graduates render evidence based, professional judgments concerning patient/client needs by virtue of critical thinking, interprofessional collaboration, lifelong learning, and ethical principles. They possess the intellect, psychomotor proficiency, leadership capabilities, and core values to meet the current and future needs of the profession, the health care system, and society. 


Our students at graduation will be competent in patient/client centered care management for body functions, activity and participation related to movement, function and health.

Our students at graduation will demonstrate professionalism and ethical behavior in all aspects of the educational, community and clinical setting.

Our students at graduation will incorporate evidence based practice in clinical decision making.

Our students at graduation will be skilled in educating, collaborating, and communicating with patients/clients, caregivers, colleagues, payers and policy makers.


1st Semester - Fall 
GDPT 810 Health Care Systems & Policy 1 2
GDPT 811 Applied Anatomy 2 
GDPT 815 Essentials of Physical Therapy Practice 2
GDPT 816 Community Health Initiative 1 1
GDPT 818 Foundations in Human Movement 6

GDPT 802 Foundations in Pathology & Medical Management for the PT 1 3
Total 16 credits

2nd Semester - Spring
GDPT 814 Evidence-Based Practice 1 2
GDPT 822 Examination, Evaluation & Intervention for Musculoskeletal Movement Dysfunction of the Extremities 9
GDPT 825 Examination, Evaluation & Intervention for Musculoskeletal Movement Dysfunction of the Spine 4
GDPT 826 Community Health Initiative 2 1
GDPT 812 Foundations in Pathology & Medical Management for the PT 2  2
Total 18 credits

3rd Semester - Summer
GDPT 830 Health Care Systems & Policy 2 2
GDPT 831 Foundations in Geriatrics 2
GDPT 832 Clinical Experience 1 (10 weeks) 5
Total 9 credits

4th Semester - Fall
GDPT 821 Examination, Evaluation & Intervention for Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Movement Dysfunction 1 2
GDPT 841 Foundations in Pediatrics 4
GDPT 843 Examination, Evaluation, & Intervention for Neuromuscular Movement Dysfunction 1 4
GDPT 848 Neuroscience 5
GDPT 847 Clinical Synthesis 1 1
GDPT 844 Evidence-Based Practice 2 1
Total 17 credits

5th Semester - Spring
GDPT 823 Examination, Evaluation & Intervention for Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Movement Dysfunction 2 3
GDPT 850 Health Care Systems & Policy 3 2
GDPT 853 Examination, Evaluation, & Intervention for Neuromuscular Movement Dysfunction 2 9
GDPT 854 Evidence-Based Practice 3 & Guidance 2 
GDPT 856 Community Health Initiative 3 1
Total 17 credits

6th Semester - Summer
GDPT 862 Clinical Experience 2 (10 weeks) 5
GDPT 867 Clinical Synthesis 2 1
GDPT 860 Health Care Systems & Policy 4 1
GDPT 866 Community Health Initiative 4 1
Total 8 credits

7th Semester - Fall
GDPT 873 Examination, Evaluation, & Intervention for Integumentary & Multi-System Movement Dysfunction 4
GDPT 870 Health Care Systems & Policy 5 2
GDPT 872 Clinical Experience 3 (8 weeks) 4
Elective 2-3
Total 12-13 credits

8th Semester - Spring
GDPT 882 Clinical Experience 4 (12 weeks) 6
GDPT 887 Clinical Synthesis 3 2
GDPT 886 Community Health Initiative 5 1
Elective 2-3
Total 11-12 credits
Total credits 108-109

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Gannon University Erie Campus DPT program gives preference to qualified Gannon undergraduate applicants.  Annually, approximately 50% of the cohort is comprised of external applicants.
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