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This page is intended for individuals that are in the process of completing or have already earned a Bachelor's degree. High school students should not apply using PTCAS. Instead, high school students should contact DeSales University Undergraduate Admissions directly for information about the Health Science to DPT - 3+3 program.

Program Description

What makes the DeSales University Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program so special? Our contemporary graduate curriculum will prepare you for success in a variety of physical therapy settings. Our program boasts first-year cadaver anatomy, a state-of-the-art simulation center, service-learning community outreach experiences, and much more.

DeSales has long been recognized as a leader in healthcare education. Now you can pursue your passion to become a highly-educated physical therapist and movement expert right here in the beautiful Lehigh Valley.

The mission of the DeSales University Doctor of Physical Therapy program is to provide a quality physical therapy education consistent with Christian humanism and Salesian values of service, faith,  and reason. Students and graduates use their knowledge and skills to integrate scientific inquiry and evidence-based clinical reasoning into everyday practice, addressing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of movement dysfunctions. With a focus on social responsibility and ethical conduct, students and graduates are committed to the advancement of the physical therapy profession and to an ongoing personal desire for learning and growth. Through inter-professional communication and collaboration, graduates are prepared to be adaptable in the complex healthcare environment of today and tomorrow.

The DPT curriculum is nine consecutive semesters in length, conducted over a three year period. Curriculum highlights include:

  • 3-course series in Human Anatomy with cadaver laboratories coordinated with the musculoskeletal curriculum in the first year
  • Opportunity to participate in faculty-led student research
  • 4 integrated early clinical experiences in orthopaedics, pediatrics, neurologic and geriatric practice in our pro bono clinic courses
  • Special Topics elective course in year three exploring practice areas such as vestibular rehabilitation, pain science, alternative therapies
  • 36 weeks of full-time Clinical Education in 4 separate experiences

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Roman Catholic
Admission Interviews
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Qualified applicants considered for acceptance into the DPT Program will be required to participate in an interview with DPT faculty prior to any admission decision. During the interview, oral communication skills, professional demeanor, ability to interact in a group, ability to solve problems, commitment to learning, and motivation to pursue a career in physical therapy will be observed. An on-demand writing sample is also required to assess written communication skills.

Is a Deposit Required for Accepted Applicants?
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The tuition deposit is required of all candidates that are offered acceptance into the program.  Your deposit will be applied to your tuition upon matriculation into the DPT program.
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In the event that you decide to withdraw your acceptance or fail to complete all conditions of your acceptance, the tuition deposit is forfeited.
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A determined deadline to submit your deposit will be scheduled after each interview.
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The program reserves a limited quantity of seats for qualified graduates of DeSales University undergraduate programs.
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