College of St Scholastica Department of Physical Therapy
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The entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program at The College of St. Scholastica is guided by our mission and vision statements:

Mission Statement-
We advance clinical practice, develop leaders and scholars, and provide service through an inclusive and compassionate approach that is guided by evidence and shaped by the values of the College and of the Physical Therapy profession.

Vision Statement-
Be recognized as a transformative program that advances the physical therapy profession by educating, inspiring leadership, serving and engaging diverse communities, impacting all practice settings, and creating new knowledge.

The entry-level DPT is a post-baccalaureate program (108 credits) that is completed in just under three years. The first year emphasizes foundational sciences, professional development, and clinical skill acquisition. Year two builds on this foundation, and emphasizes clinical reasoning, problem-solving and advanced application of knowledge and skills. Student have a unique opportunity to work in two on-site clinics (the maurices Community Clinic at CSS, and a clinic at a nearby Community College with a Physical Therapist Assistant Program), which provides supervised clinical practice and promotes intraprofessional collaboration. Multiple interprofessional experiences also occur with students from other CSS health science programs, and with students from health career programs at other local schools (e.g. nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and speech language pathology). Students are on full-time clinical internships during the third year, returning to campus for a short capstone course prior to graduation.

Philosophically, the DPT program at The College of St. Scholastica is based on the confluence of the values cherished by our Benedictine heritage, the mission of the College, and the values of the physical therapy profession: Love of Learning is reflected in the professional values of diligence, dedication, and scientific inquiry; Respect is seen in the professional qualities of caring, communication, leadership and collaboration; Community is evident in the professional values of helping, collaborating, and welcoming diversity; Hospitality is realized through the professional values of warmth and openness; and, Stewardship is demonstrated through the process of scientific inquiry, which results in optimum use of resources to ensure that patients/clients receive the best possible care. 

The program is housed in the Health Science Center at BlueStone, which includes state-of-the-art classroom spaces, a research laboratory, the community clinic, meeting spaces and designated student lounges. The program's high achievement outcomes in graduation rate, passing rate on the National Physical Therapy Examination for licensure, and employment rate substantiate the program's excellence in preparation of entry-level doctors of physical therapy.

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