California State University, Fresno Physical Therapy Department
5315 Campus Drive, M/S PT29 Fresno CA 93710 United States
Phone+1 559.278.2625
Phone 2 +1 559.278.2633
CAPTE Accredited
Supplemental Requirements
Supplemental FEE required?
Yes - for selected applicants only
Supplemental fee amount
Supplemental APPLICATION required?
Yes - for selected applicants only
Supplemental MATERIALS required?
Yes - for selected applicants only
Description of supplemental materials required
Cal State Apply Graduate Online Application [Complete by January 15, 2021]:
Supplemental forms and materials required by program - item 1
All Transcripts Sent to Fresno State Graduate Admissions (in addition to PTCAS)- Through Cal State Apply
Supplemental forms and materials required by program - item 2
Official GRE Scores Sent to Fresno State Graduate Admissions (in addition to PTCAS)- Through Cal State Apply
Document upload requirements
If you have one of more prerequisite courses taken out of state (Non-CA), see the document upload instructions on our application.  We require a summary of your course descriptions of courses taken out of California. 
Deadline for Submission of Supplemental Materials
Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
Is GRE Required?
Your program's GRE codes
Program's PTCAS GRE code
University GRE code
Last acceptable GRE test date for this cycle
Oldest GRE test date considered for this cycle
Additional information about program's GRE requirements
Applicants must take the GRE General Test. Applicants must arrange for ETS to send official GRE scores to 7798 (PTCAS code for Fresno State PT program) by the application deadline of 10/01/2020.  

*For the Cal State Apply Application, you will need to submit an additional set of official GRE scores directly to Fresno State Graduate Admissions (GRE Code 4312), with a deadline of 1/15/2021. However, this is not necessary until you are offered an interview.  

There is currently no minimum GRE score required to apply.  
Minimum and average GRE scores
Verbal reasoning scaled score
Quantitative reasoning scaled score
Analytical writing scaled score
Reference Requirements
Physical Therapist-1
Applicant must send one reference from this specific type of evaluator
Physical Therapist-2
Applicant must send one reference from this specific type of evaluator
Professor in Major
Evaluator type accepted
Applicant must send one reference from this specific type of evaluator
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Teaching Assistant
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Pre-PT Advisor
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Health Care Professional
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Family Member
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Number of references required by program
Additional information about program's reference requirements
Arrange for three (3) letters of recommendation (LORs) to be sent to PTCAS on your behalf;  (2) two must be from licensed physical therapists and (1) one must be from a non-physical therapy professor who taught you in a course. 

Fresno State Physical Therapy Department faculty reference letters are NOT accepted. 
PT Observation Hours
Information about your PT requirements
Provide evidence of knowledge of physical therapy through employment, volunteer work, or observation in a physical therapy department for a minimum of 100 hours.  A minimum of 20 hours must be in a general inpatient setting; 80 hours may be in another area of practice such as outpatient, home health, or additional inpatient.  All observation hours must be under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist and are required to be verified through PTCAS.  

Verification of all hours must be completed by the application deadline of 10/1/2020. Hours completed after the application deadline will not be considered.

All hours must be reported separately by each verifying physical therapist and not in a combined form.  If you are using the paper option, the PTCAS form for observation hours is required.  A log of volunteer hours is not accepted.  

Applicants are encouraged to have their PT observation hours verified electronically through PTCAS at the time they apply, rather than use a paper form. Non-PTCAS forms and logs of hours are not accepted.  

Link to PTCAS Observation Hours Paper Form: Download from Fresno State Website. 
Program's PT hours requirement
PT hours are required - a licensed PT must verify hours w/ signed form uploaded or online via PTCAS
Total number of PT Hours REQUIRED
Total number of PT Hours RECOMMENDED
DEADLINE for completion of all PT hours
GPA Requirements
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative
Program-specific prerequisite
Additional information about program's GPA requirements
A minimum 3.0 GPA for on all undergraduate coursework is required.  The undergraduate cumulative GPA is calculated by PTCAS (not the institution where you received your bachelor's degree) and includes failed and repeated courses, even if they are later repeated for a higher grade or excluded from the GPA on the transcript. See PTCAS for more information on how the undergraduate cumulative GPA is calculated.

Applicants must receive a grade of C or better in each prerequisite course and maintain a total prerequisite GPA of 3.0, both at the time of application and after Fall 2020 grades are submitted.  AP credit, CR/NC grades, international, or independent study courses cannot be used for prerequisite requirements. All prerequisite courses must be taken for a letter grade. No course may be repeated more than one (1) time and no more than three (3) prerequisite courses may be repeated. All prerequisites must be completed by the end of the Fall 2020 semester.  Prerequisites planned for Spring 2021 are not accepted. Coursework older than 7 years is not accepted.  If you need to retake a course because it is over 7 years old, it does not count as a repeated course.  For the current application cycle for admission for Fall 2021, courses taken in 2013 are accepted, while courses taken in 2012 are NOT accepted. 
Background Checks
Background check required prior to matriculation.
Not sure at this time
Program participates in PTCAS Background Check process through Certiphi Screening.
International Students
Program considers Canadian coursework?
Send original Canadian transcript to PTCAS (recommended)
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) coursework
Send WES foreign transcript evaluation to PTCAS (recommended)
Are non-native English Speakers required to submit TOEFL scores?
Citizenship requirements
Citizenship types eligible for admission U.S. citizens
U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, Canadian citizens, Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa
Additional information about program's policy on foreign coursework
International students cannot be admitted to the DPT program prior to coming to the United States for several reasons: (1) the application for the DPT program requires completion of 9 prerequisite courses [with a C or above] to be taken at a U.S. institution, (2) the required 100 contact hours with a licensed physical therapist must be in the United States including 20 in-patient hours, and (3) the applicant must be available in the spring semester prior to fall semester admission for an interview.