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The mission of the three year full-time Brenau University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is to strategically prepare physical therapy practitioners to lead extraordinary lives and careers. The program employs an innovative experiential learning environment through which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside of the traditional academic setting. Our broad mix of early and ongoing experience-based programs include: a year-long hospital-based early mobility program; a student-run pro-bono clinic; a Student Learning Clinic; a Life Enrichment and Wellness Cooperative; and three full-time internships. These experiences build the connections that enable Brenau DPT students to transform from student to professional by practicing their profession as student members of various health care teams. This experiential learning model allows students to transfer their classroom knowledge and experiences to current clinical situations, and likewise, to bring on-going clinical events back into the classroom for reflection, critical analysis, and synthesis. The basic design of the learning experience includes the possibility to learn from natural consequences, mistakes and successes.

The faculty at Brenau are highly qualified faculty members that hold wide-ranging clinical, teaching and research expertise. Members of our current DPT faculty are still actively practicing physical therapists, and are expert practitioners in the various specialty areas including: sports, orthopedics, neurology, oncology, pediatrics and geriatrics. They have led NIH and PT Foundation funded research and will continue to pursue their research agendas. Each faculty member is dedicated to the student, the patient, and the profession. This blend of qualified faculty ensures that we meet our mission, program goals and expected outcomes. We have supplemented our core faculty with an incredibly skilled group of adjunct classroom and clinical instructors, and a select group of affiliated community faculty members who serve specialized roles in our curriculum. 

Brenau DPT has a very strong service profile. We serve in our institution, community and on a global platform. We have initiated community wellness classes through the Life Enrichment and Wellness Cooperative, community outreach events for children and families through programs such as Ignite Soccer Program and Together We Run, and have served a global population in a local fashion as we annually serve on the Moultrie Migrant Farm Worker Program in Moultrie, GA. We are currently exploring service learning trips in Mexico and Central America.

Those who enter our learning environment will find an open, safe, and welcoming place in which they are encouraged to grow and thrive. We are dedicated to engendering a positive learning environment that incorporates support, curiosity, mutual respect, accountability, opportunity, honesty, fun, friendliness, creativity, challenge, and fairness. That is the Brenau DPT Family we have built, and we talk about program issues and celebratory moments in Family Meetings.

Classes are held in the renovated Brenau Downtown Center on the square in Gainesville, GA with access to a state-of-the-art human anatomy lab. The facilities are among the best in the country and allow faculty and students alike to learn and study in contemporary laboratories and classrooms.

We are fortunate to be located in a vibrant, smaller community which provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities while being only about 1 hour north from the city of Atlanta and 1 hour south of the Smoky Mountains.

To learn more about our program please go to our web page:

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