American International College Division of Physical Therapy
Graduate Amissions Office 1000 State Street Springfield MA 01109 United States
Supplemental Requirements
Supplemental FEE required?
Supplemental fee amount
Supplemental APPLICATION required?
Supplemental MATERIALS required?
Description of supplemental materials required
The pre-requisite worksheet is encouraged for all applicants to complete, but is currently not a requirement of the application process. Applicants seeking to complete this form are encouraged to contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 413-205-3700.

Document upload requirements
Additional documentation is not required; however, many students choose to submit a resume or additional personal statements. You can upload all additional documents in the "document upload" section of the PTCAS application. 
Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
Is GRE Required?
Reference Requirements
Physical Therapist-1
Evaluator type accepted
Physical Therapist-2
Evaluator type accepted
Professor in Major
Applicant must send a reference from one or more evaluators in this category
Applicant must send a reference from one or more evaluators in this category
Applicant must send a reference from one or more evaluators in this category
Evaluator type accepted
Teaching Assistant
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Pre-PT Advisor
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Health Care Professional
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Family Member
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Evaluator type not accepted
Evaluator type accepted
Number of references required by program
Additional information about program's reference requirements
Letters of recommendation should come from professors under whom the candidate has studied or, when appropriate, from supervisors or colleagues with whom the candidate has worked. 

Please choose individuals who can provide an objective and frank appraisal of your capacity for graduate study and your potential for professional success. 
PT Observation Hours
Program's PT hours requirement
PT hours are required - a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) must verify hours w/signed form uploaded or online via PTCAS
Total number of PT Hours REQUIRED
Information about your PT requirements
AIC requires a minimum of two documented clinical observation experiences totaling twenty hours (ten at each location) as part of the graduate application. These observations serve as preparatory experience and are required to enroll in the DPT graduate program. 

Applicants are advised to participate in two different experiences at two different practice settings.  Practice settings include outpatient, acute care inpatient, acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, home health and school systems.

Students who were unable to complete observation hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic are asked to contact Admissions for a waiver. 
GPA Requirements
Overall Undergraduate Cumulative
Program-specific prerequisite
Additional information about program's GPA requirements
Program uses the highest grade in prerequisite GPA calculations, if course was repeated. All prerequisite courses must have been completed within the last five years in order to be eligible for consideration. The number of times that a course has been repeated and/or the number of courses repeated will be considered. 
Background Checks
Background check required prior to matriculation.
Not sure at this time
Program participates in PTCAS Background Check process through Certiphi Screening.
International Students
Program considers Canadian coursework?
Program policy for non-U.S. (foreign/international) coursework
Additional information for the foreign transcripts
Transcripts from non-US countries must receive a course by course evaluation through a recognized evaluation service. We accept all evaluations from all active members associated with the NACES organization.
Are non-native English Speakers required to submit TOEFL scores?
Citizenship requirements
Citizenship types eligible for admission U.S. citizens
U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, Canadian citizens, Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens with a visa, Foreign (non-U.S.) citizens, Other non-citizens (e.g., refugees)
Additional information about program's policy on foreign coursework
Non-native speakers of English who wish to pursue a graduate degree must submit evidence of proficiency in the English language. Results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) require a minimum overall score of 577 for the paper based test, 233 for the computer-based test, or 91 for the internet-based test. Test scores are valid for 2 years after the test date. TOEFL scores are not required if a prior college or university degree has been granted within the last three years from a regionally accredited institution within the United States or if the applicant can document that the language of instruction for undergraduate degree was English