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Per CAPTE: "This program has begun the process toward accreditation by submitting an Application for Candidacy. A review of the Application for Candidacy is scheduled and a determination on candidacy is anticipated prior to their stated matriculation date. Submission of an Application for Candidacy does not assure that the program will be granted Candidate for Accreditation status. Achievement of Candidate for Accreditation status is required prior to implementation of the professional phase of the program; therefore, no students may be enrolled in professional courses until Candidate for Accreditation status has been achieved."

Should the program not obtain Candidate for Accreditation status and not be eligible to admit students, applicants to the program will not be refunded the PTCAS application fee paid to apply to the program.

"This page is intended for college transfer students and graduates ONLY. High school students MUST contact the institution directly for information about the guaranteed freshman-entry program. Do not apply using PTCAS."

Program Description

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is built on a strong set of Manchester University values that include a deep commitment to integrity, respect for the infinite worth of every individual, and a goal to serve for the betterment of others. The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is a 2.5 year program with 30 weeks of full-time clinical education and 7 semesters of integrated (part-time) clinical experiences in conjunction with academic coursework to develop and expand on skills learned in the classroom. 

Your DPT coursework is hands-on, working in our student-run pro-bono clinic. There, you'll learn to understand and serve the needs of diverse and underserved communities and develop a sense of service and empathy for fellow human beings.

With a focus on research, you'll collaborate and conduct faculty-supervised projects, present and publish your findings. Collaboration teaches you the significance of evidence-based practices in your professional career. Additionally, you'll become American Physical Therapy Association members in your first year, giving you the opportunity to participate in professional and scientific meetings and to network with the professional community.

Admission requirements include a 3.0 cumulative GPA and successful completion of required prerequisites with a C letter grade or higher. An interview is required, and both on-campus and virtual options are available. Completion of the GRE IS NOT required. Meeting all published admission requirements does not guarantee program admission. 

Applications can now be submitted for the Fall 2023 cohort, and formal review of application materials begins as soon as your application is received and verified by PTCAS. Applications are accepted up until the deadline, April 1, 2023. 

For more program information including specific admission requirements, please visit the program website by clicking here or contact Manchester's Office of Graduate Admissions at

Program offers a guaranteed freshman admission pathway?
Dual Degrees
Will the professional (entry-level) PT program offer a satellite or branch campus to applicants during the upcoming admissions cycle?
Admission Interviews
Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process?
Additional information about interviews

Interview will be offered to qualified applicants. In-person and virtual options will be available. 

Is a Deposit Required for Accepted Applicants?
Total cumulative deposit
Additional Information about Deposit
After offered admission, students are given two weeks to submit their enrollment fee before they are moved to the waitlist. Students are able to request an extension, but it is not guaranteed. 
Deposit Refundable?
Deposits collected on a rolling basis after offer of admission made?
Additional information about rolling deposits
Enrollment fees will be collected on a rolling basis until the cohort is filled. If previously filled seats in the cohort happen to open up, students on the waitlist and applicants will be notified. 
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